Woven Fabric Christian Bookmark : Promises of the Seven Churches of Revelations - Revelations 2:7 Bookmark

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Woven Silky Bookmark, Ephesus, Seven Churches of Revelations

This 2" x 9" Ephesus woven Christian bookmark is flexible, silky smooth and soft, and ornate. Perfect for keeping your place in any print product you are reading: books, novels, magazines, Bibles, story books, comic books, and more. Makes a great uplifting gift for any occasion: birthday, christening, confirmation, baptism, first communion, etc.

This Ephesus bookmark was made in Biblical Asia Minor, where they have been perfecting the cultural art of ornate and intricate rug weaving for thousands of years. It has since become world-renowned as a center of world-class carpet making. Give this bookmark as a thoughtful gift of significance.

Modern-day Turkey is known worldwide for being a center of world-class carpet making. It is also a richly historical area known for the ancient cities of the Early Church, Antioch, Ephesus, and Colossae, which the Apostle Paul visited on three different missionary journeys. Logos Bookmarks takes inspiration from this rich historical and religious background.

The scenic and historic land of Turkey gave birth to the art of weaving rugs of great beauty thousands of years ago. By Biblical times and the travels that took the Apostle Paul through the ancient cities of Asia Minor, as Turkey was then known, the tradition of rug making among the nomadic Turkic peoples of central Asia was well established. In time, Turkey became famous for having mastered this highly valued art form.

"To whom overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne. Revelations 3:21"

Size: 2" x 9"

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