Wise Men & Star, 3D Olive Wood Christmas Ornament

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Wise Men & Star, 3-Dimensional Holy Land Olive Wood Bulb Ornament

These wooden three-dimensional ornaments provide a unique perspective on traditional Christmas scenes - they show two different portraits depending on which angle they are viewed from. These beautiful rustic hanging ornaments display their own multi-faceted part in the story of the birth of Jesus. Celebrate God made man this Christmas, and always remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us!

Each of these ornaments was carved out of genuine olive wood in the Holy Land of Bethlehem - the birthplace of Jesus. Due to the natural variations in olive wood and the individuality of the artisans, each ornament is unique and will differ slightly in overall design.

Side 1: Manger scene with the Holy Family and Wisemen looking at baby Jesus
Side 2: 2 Wisemen with their gifts

Size: 2.375" x 4"

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