Tau Cross Olive Wood Keychain

Tau Cross Olive Wood Keychain

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Solid Olive Wood Keychain from Bethlehem, Tau Cross

This high quality keychain is handcrafted out of genuine olive wood by local artisans in Bethlehem. Comes with a 2 inch solid olive wood charm linked to a sturdy, high quality key ring. Beautifully grained and sustainably sourced, this certified olive wood keychain is a perfect addition to any keyring - put it with you car keys, house keys, or office keys. It also works as a great adornment attached to any zipper on a backpack, purse, fanny pack, or dufflebag. Take this solid olive wood keychain with you wherever you go to focus your heart and mind on Jesus.

This keychain features a 2" certified olive wood Tau cross, a favorite of St. Francis. Keep this token with you as a reminder of where your strength comes from and who you represent.

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