Spikenard Anointing Oil from Israel, Deluxe Gift Box Set - Gold

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Anointing Oil Boxed Gift Set - Spikenard Oil from Israel, Gold Keychain Holder, Glass Vial, & Precision Dropper

This religious anointing oil & accessory kit is the perfect solution to taking your anointing oil with you wherever you go. This oil & bottle starter set comes with 1 0.25 fl oz bottle of scented oil, a 1/2 dram glass vial housed in a sturdy metal keychain container with a screw-top lid for easy access, as well as a fine-tipped dispenser dropper for perfect and easy proportioning and distribution. The keyring attached to the lid of the keychain makes it easy to add this vial holder to any set of keys, keyrings, keychains, lanyards, or zippers. Always be prepared to do the Lord's work with this convenient anointing oil and accessory kit. Use these gift boxes as handouts at church and mass or pass them out as gifts at small groups and Bible studies!

Size of canister (without keyring): 2"
Size of vial: 1.25"
Volume of vial: 2mL or 1/2 dram

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