Saint Cuthbert Cross Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver Saint Cuthbert Cross Necklace with CZ Ruby

This Saint Cuthbert Cross sterling silver pendant necklace is part of the traditional Christian Arts Collection by Logos Trading Post. This pendant is a modern, elegant take on a historical representation of the cross. Wear this cross necklace as a shining symbol of faith, or gift them to friends, family, and loved ones. Also makes a great addition to any Renaissance Fair cosplay!

The Saint Cuthbert Cross is named for one of the most influential medieval religious figures. Also known as the Patron Saint of Northumbria, he served as a monk and bishop in many monasteries across North East England, and finished is life with a retirement into self-imposed hermitage when his desire grew for a more contemplative lifestyle.

This sterling silver pendant is meant to connect us with the rich and living history of our faith. Wear this unique cross necklaces to start a conversation about what God has done in your life. Each sterling silver pendant comes with an 18" sterling silver chain and a deluxe velvet gift box with polishing cloth.

Size: 1" x 1"

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