Ornate Challenge Coin Display Stand - Silver

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Matte Antique Silver Ornate Challenge Coin Display Stand

This coin holder stand is the perfect way to show off your favorite challenge coins, tokens, and medallions. Don't let your beautiful tokens gather dust out of sight in a cabinet drawer - this display is easily placed on any desktop, countertop, or tabletop, and is subtle enough not to take the focus away from your coin. The ovular, beautifully detailed base provides sturdy support for larger and heavier while keeping your coin the centerpiece. Use this etched design coin stand to give your tokens an extra flair. No assembly required.

Fits most challenge coins and medals between 1.5" and 3" diameter and up to 5mm in width. Put your coins on display on any flat surface and let them shine: desktops, countertops, table tops, shelves, or cabinets.


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