Olive Wood Rope Rosary with Metal Backed Crucifix and Large Beads

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SKU: ow-460
UPC: 782860488661

This is a 18.5-inch rope rosary with dangling crucifix cross pendant and solid wood beads crafted from genuine olive wood from the Holy Land of Jerusalem. 1-centimeter beads. Olive wood beads are natural and smooth, threaded with a sturdy, traditional rope cord. This nice rosary smells of earthy wood. Long enough to wear easily. Sturdy perfectly sized cross.

This rosary features oval medals with the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on ones side and a Jerusalem cross on the other side and a dangling wooden and metal crucifix cross pendant. Each rosary includes a Certificate of Authenticity and is packaged in a high quality plush velvet gift box.

Due to the natural variations in olive wood, each individual product is unique and will differ slightly in overall design.

Size: 18.5"

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