Mighty Men of God Lion Challenge Coin

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Mighty Men Lion of God Challenge Coin, Token of Steadfast Strength & Discipleship

This high quality, antique gold plated challenge coin is an excellent token for husbands, fathers, sons, coaches, and players to carry in their pocket as a reminder that our strength comes from God. Carry one with you for your personal battles, or pass them along to those who need encouragement. This Mighty Men coin makes a great gift for discipleship classes, sports teams, mens groups, and Bible studies. Never be without your token of steadfastness; never forget where your strength comes from!

Whatever God is calling you to, He is with you all the way through to completion. We do not have to fear what may come. Rather, we need to be strong and courageous, knowing that our God is with us and that he goes before us to make our paths straight!

This Lion of God medallion challenge coin is a perfect tool to serve as a religious encouragement. Keep this Lion & Cross coin in a pocket or backpack to carry the Joy of the Lord with you wherever you go, or put it on display on any table or desktop. This Lion coin also makes for a great sports team gift! Remind your football, baseball, basketball, or soccer teams that the Lord is with all of them, and they should remain as fierce as lions and be the Mighty Men that God has called them all to be.

Carefully and exquisitely designed, this Bible verse challenge coin makes the perfect gift or token of encouragement to pass out to friends or family. Make someone's day with a simple, kind gesture and a small gift. Also a great tool for bulk teaching aids and object lessons at church, school, small groups, youth groups, and Bible studies.

Front: The head of a lion, with text, "Mighty Men" / "The Lord is with you" / "Judges 6:12"

Back: Cross, with text, "Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9"

Size: 1.75" diameter, 5mm thick

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