Men's Fisher Sterling Silver Pendant

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This Men's Fisher Sterling Silver Pendant is a great way to wear your faith for the world to see. The Men's Fisher Sterling Silver Pendant comes in a plush jewelry gift box with a 30" adjustable suet cord and is crafted by artisans in Biblical Asia Minor, Turkey. This Men's Fisher Sterling Silver Pendant has rhodium sterling silver plating to prevent tarnishing.

After Israel, Turkey has more biblical sites than any other country in the Middle East. For this reason, Turkey is rightly called the Other Holy Land. Many Christians are unaware of Turkey’s unique role in the Bible because biblical reference works usually refer to this strategic peninsula, bounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Seas, as Asia Minor or Anatolia. The land of Turkey is especially important in understanding the background of the New Testament because approximately two-thirds of its books were written either to or from churches in Turkey. The three major apostles—Peter, Paul, and John—either ministered or lived in Turkey. Turkey’s rich spiritual heritage starts at the very beginning of the book of Genesis.

Your purchase of this necklace supports the spread of the Gospel in the Middle East.

Size: 1.3" by 0.5"

UPC: 662187715797

SKU: ss-190

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