Jesus King of the Universe (Byzantine) Olive Wood Icon Magnet

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Wooden Catholic Icon Magnet, Jesus King of the Universe (Byzantine)

This olive wood icon magnet is hand-carved in the Holy Land of Bethlehem, and is meant to serve as an inspirational reminder of faith. Place this magnet on any ferrous surface: whiteboards, blackboards, filing cabinets, desks, and refrigerators at work, school, church, home, or elsewhere. Each time you see one of these magnets, remember that the sacrifice the Lord made for you, and the people around Him that helped make it possible.

These religious magnets from Israel make great handouts for Bible studies and classes, mass, and small gifts for welcome packets. Remind someone of God's love for them - these souvenir magnets serve as the perfect pocket token of faith and remembrance. Carry one with you as a worry stone or prayer token, or hand them out to those in need of encouragement.

Size: 2.5" diameter

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