Divine Mercy of Jesus (Portrait), Olive Wood Catholic Keychain

Divine Mercy of Jesus (Portrait), Olive Wood Catholic Keychain

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Solid Olive Wood Keychain from Bethlehem, Divine Mercy of Jesus (Facial Portrait)

This high quality Catholic icon keychain is handcrafted out of genuine olive wood by local artisans in Bethlehem. Each comes with a 2 inch diameter round solid olive wood charm with traditional icon art linked to a sturdy, high quality key ring. Beautifully grained and sustainably sourced, this certified olive wood keychain is a perfect addition to any keyring - put it with you car keys, house keys, or office keys. It also works as a great adornment attached to any zipper on a backpack, purse, fanny pack, or dufflebag. Take this solid olive wood keychain with you wherever you go to focus your heart and mind on Jesus, and to facilitate a mindset of prayer and meditation.

This keychain features a round 2" certified olive wood pendant with a representation of the traditional icon art, Divine Mercy of Jesus (Facial Portrait). Keep this token with you as a reminder of where your strength comes from and who you represent.

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