Anointing Oil Container Keychains, Set of 8 2mL Glass Bottles with Assorted Colored Protective Metal Casing with Screw-Top Lids

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UPC: 091952698278

8 Anointing Oil Holder Keychains, Glass Vials Included

These handy metal keychains are the perfect solution to taking your anointing oil or holy water on the go. The screw-top lid provides easy access to the included glass vial, while the hard metal outer shell is sure to keep your contents safe. The keyring attached to the lid makes it easy to add this vial holder to any set of keys, keyrings, keychains, lanyards, or zippers. Never be unprepared to do the Lord's work with this convenient, well-protected anointing oil holder keychain.

Size of canister (without keyring): 2"
Size of vial: 1.25"

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