Alpha Omega & St Andrew Cross Sterling Silver Pendant - 18 Inch Chain

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This special Alpha Omega & Saint Andrew Cross pendant is part of our traditional Christian arts line. These shining symbols of faith can be worn for any occasion. Comes with a matching 18" sterling silver chain and is packaged in a luxurious plush velvet gift box.

The Greek Alpha Omega symbol is meant to signify the omnipotence of God. He was at the beginning of all, and he will be there at the end.

The Saint Andrew Cross is a three-barred cross ubiquitous in the symbolism of Eastern traditions. According to tradition, the Apostle Andrew used this cross in Southern Russia as a representative lesson. The topmost bar signifies the plaque put above the head of Jesus on the cross. The tilted bar on the bottom is meant to serve as a reminder of the Final judgment, and to always be on the upper side of it.

All Logos Jewelry is crafted by artisans in Biblical Asia Minor and Turkey.

Size: 0.5" x 1"

Ideal as a First Communion, Baptism, Confirmation, or Christening  Gift.

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